Zuchobeni Tungoe

16-year-old Zuchobeni Tungoe, rose to fame as the winner of 2011 Kids for Fame, an annual popular local singing contest for young aspiring singers in Nagaland. She is the youngest daughter in the family of four siblings.

If anyone can fill the bequest of soul-smoldering diva Adele left in pop music landscape, it’s this Kohima native, who crisps the English singer and songwriter with juvenile prowess lyrics, striking vocal notes and a lot of entertaining savoir faire. The famous “Hello” hitmaker was also then sixteen (same age with Zuchobeni) when she recorded her first ever written song “Hometown Glory” in 2004, which eventually got it released later in 2007.

Despite taking no formal vocal lessons or attended any music schools, Zuchobeni has credited her own prodigious sound of artistic ability and exert out her incisive decision by hitting the studio to record her debut single “Scar” earlier in May.

Upon release, the song received acclaim from music critics, who favourably praised the shimmery crush-pop tune and her heart-on-sleeve whispery vocals. The single is still currently one of the most downloaded songs trending on

Listen to streaming song - Scar below


She began singing at age four and asserts that she is a firm believer in the melodically gleam of thwack that music could be used to heal the gutters of wounded hearts and put smiles on people around her.  Her first public performance was singing on stage in front of hundreds of people at a local community fair, when she was 6.

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As for her musical yard, she cited Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran as a major influence in regard to her love and passion for music. She also recites Shalo Kent as her favourite local artist and her sibling and parents to be the greatest supporters in her singing career pursue.

Her latest single “Listen to me” is due for releasing later this month or by early January next year. Until then, fingers all closed!

Zuchobeni Tungoe
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