The Vinyl Records Premiere New Music Video “Authority” – Watch

The Northeast girls power returns with their brand new Music Video Single “Authority” which premiered today on Youtube. The Vinyl Records recorded the extol feminist values track with Kartik Pillai, and frontman Cheyyrian Bark has also credited Udit Mahar, Andrea and Katrine for the visual productions on her Facebook status.

In 2014, the all-girl indie group raised INR 1,36,4000 through the Indian crowdfunding portal and released “Ready Go Set” , a music video from their debut EP studio album “Whims” in collaboration with Red Bull and toured a three-city dates in Sweden the same year.

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Their latest single was released via RSJ, India’s first rock music magazine. “Authority” tells a tale of reflection on power of choice and new direction blended with women empowerment, reminding us that all choices have consequences.

Check out “Authority” below!

The Vinyl Records Premiere New Music Video “Authority” – Watch
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