Tribe Fiction: From Mizoram to Street Style fashion

Every now and then, we get to hear great stories about people who have made it big in life, whether in academics or business.

Here’s another cool newbie on the roll who is entering the club of success. Wanting to build a company off of the simple of doing things his own way, founder Joel Sailo opened up the doors to the street wear Tribe Fiction label in September 2013 and got to work on building out a destination for a cutting-edge clothing brand.

How it got started?

Joel, a talented graphics designer who also runs his own graphics design company in Aizawl had previously worked with top fashion brands such as Lee and His art of interest always has been bubbling towards the taste of dramatic street wear fashion style. Flipping through the sleeves, the trend of cloth designs that he liked weren’t found in India and had to be often imported from abroad through friends and relatives. This hitch dropped him an inspiration to start the company and make street wear fashion easily available anywhere in the country.

Photo: Amos Lalremtluanga

(Tribe Fiction founder and designer Joel Sailo. Photo: Amos Lalremtluanga)

Admitting a little stateside of his rise on the ladder, “Designing tee shirts wasn’t a problem for me but having no experience in manufacturing and printing unit was a difficult challenge in the beginning so I used to spend long hours looking for tutorial videos on YouTube and studying their production process”, says the owner who is now happily married to Remi Sailo.

The Label

He decided on the name Tribe Fiction to represent the vibes of North East and tell her stories to the rest of the world. Prior to setting up his own printing unit in Aizawl, he used to get his t-shirt designs printed in Tamil Nadu and sold them from his rented apartment in Bangalore and via Facebook.

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Pretty slowly, his customized tee shirts became quite a hit, especially among the North East students living in Bangalore who wanted something different from the usual stuff they get in the malls. Tribe Fiction stood out to be a perfect destination for them. Thanks to its unique glamorous designs and the visibility that endorses a sense of pride in wearing a product of the North East.

tribe fiction model

(Fashion with impact: A model in Tribe Fiction clothing. Photo: Tribe Fiction)

Joel Sailo was born in Haflong, Assam. Later he moved to Bangalore in the early 2000s and completed a degree course in Fine Arts from the Government Art College, Bangalore. Like many North Easterners who have lived for a while outside their hometown, a tweaked hankering to return back to the green hills and continue his business in Mizoram aroused in him.

tribe fiction_store

(Accessible aesthetic: Tribe Fiction retail store in Aizawl. Photo: Facebook)

Today, his company with a dedicated work force team of 7 full-time employees has a retail outlet and printing unit in Aizawl, and is focusing to set-up an E-commerce store to meet the growing demand for Tribe Fiction apparels across the country.

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