Top Photos of Narendra Modi in Traditional Attires of Northeast India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for his unique taste of clothing and style. It’s difficult to ignore his signature half-sleeve kurtas (and churidaars), even if you are not an avid fashion follower or remotely interested in politics.

In July, Delhi CM Kejriwal claimed that PM Modi’s clothes cost more than Delhi government’s annual advertising budget, and that he changed his dresses five times a day spending Rs 10 lakh on clothes each day.

He is also often seen wearing hats or traditional headgears representative of each Indian state during nation-wide visit. Here’s a list of photographed images of Narendra Modi in various traditional headgears and accessories of Northeast India.

1. Narendra Modi draped in Naga traditional attires and combat gears during the opening day of the Hornbill festival 2014 at Kisama village, Nagaland. Hornbill, a bird admired greatly by locals in Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. These headgears are considered symbols of power, position and status. It can only be worn it one has inherited or earned the right.


2. In Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh, Modi wears a “Koktung”, a traditional headgear of the Adi tribe, as he addresses the Vijay Sankalp Abhiyan rally in 2014. In the olden days, it is made with the beak and feathers of the rufous-necked hornbill bird.


3. In March 2016, Narendra Modi addresses an election rally donning the famous Japi, a traditional Assamese hat in Assam. The headgear woven out of bamboo and palm leaves are worn by farmers and cowherds in ancient days as protection against sun and rain.


4. During a public rally in Imphal on 8th February 2014, Narendra Modi wears a traditional Manipuri headgear called Kajenglei. The headgear with peacock feathers is usually worn by dancers who play the part of Lord Krishna, a Hindu God, in a traditional Manipuri dance.


5. Narendra Modi clad in traditional Garo headgear (do’me kodap) delivering his address at the public meeting, in Shillong on May 27, 2016. The Garos are one of the major matrilineal tribes of Meghalaya.


Top Photos of Narendra Modi in Traditional Attires of Northeast India
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