TJ Store: First CCTV department Shop opened in Senapati

Blooming the most awaited moment into the lives of people residing in a small town called Senapati in Manipur, the hilly town saw the opening of its first department store on Thursday.

The one and only CCTV installed department store in the district was inaugurated by Smt. Jacintha Lazarus (IAS), Deputy Commissioner, Senapati.

Behind the Store

The store is owned by a young ambitious entrepreneur Daniel Suiny, an MBA graduate from New Delhi. He is a son of Deputy Forest Ranger T.A. John from Tumuyon Khullen.

Daniel Suiny_ TJ store

(TJ Store manager and proprietor Daniel Suiny. Photo: Facebook)

The young proprietor was quoted disclosing, “At this initial stage, we offer our customers a bigger discount apart from our normal discount and season wise discount will also be available”, reported The Herald Today.

The store located at Old Road is manned by 5 staff members. The outlet deals in varieties of commodities starting from Kitchen to toilet wares selling at big discounted rates. The store items are directly supplied from Guwahati.

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