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Shopping Mall in Shillong charges Rs 30 for its Public Toilet

Photo: Arijit Ray

Don’t be surprised when you visit Shillong next time and decides to go on a shopping spree at Marba Hub, a shopping mall located at Police Bazar in the heart of the city. You’ll have to really think twice if you need a wee while shopping there before using its restroom for your call of nature.

It’s gonna cost a lot more to relieve yourself in one of Shillong’s popular shopping centers. The shopping mall charges a hefty Rs.30 per person for its public toilet inside the complex.

 (Shillong's most expensive public loilet charges Rs 30 at Marba Hub, Police Bazar)

(Shillong’s most expensive public toilet at Marba Hub, Police Bazar charges Rs 30 for call of nature)

“Unbelievable, if taxing users a minimum fee for using the Restroom for their maintenance bills, then it’s fine but overcharging beyond a reasonable rate is outrageous,” Aloysius Papang, a resident of Shillong took a dig on his Facebook status.

The mall has over 30 stores and restaurants including popular global brands such as KFC, Reliance Trends, Van Heusen and Allen Solly.

Surprisingly, the shopping complex is solely owned by Meghalaya Urban Development Authority (MUDA), a state-run agency.

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