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Shirui Lily: A Rare Flower Only Found in Manipur

Shirui Lily flower is a unique and rare species of terrestrial lily grown naturally, and only found at Shirui Kashong peak in Ukhrul district of Manipur state. This seasonal flower is famous because it cannot be transplanted elsewhere in the world despite numerous attempts made by researchers and scientists.

It is the state flower of Manipur. The light pale pinkish flower was locally called ‘Kashongwon’ (‘Kashong’ being the name of the Peak and ‘won’ means flower in Tangkhul dialect). Its beauty lies in its bell shape petals in bowing position like a modest and shy-looking girl.

How to Reach

– Ride a bus/taxi for Ukhrul at Imphal city, the state capital
– Distance between Ukhrul town and Imphal is 103 km
– Shirui Kangshong lies about 15 km away from Ukhrul town

Best Season to Visit

In the month of May and June

Shirui Kashsong_peak_Ukhrul_manipur

(A town in Manipur called Ukhrul is famous for the beautiful Shirui Lily grown only on the peak of Shirui Kashung/Mash Somi Photo)

First Discovery of Shirui Lily by Western world

In 1946, Mr. Kingdon Ward, an English botanist who came to Manipur Hills for botanical collection discovered and presented the rarest flower in London, which bagged the coveted merit prize of the 1948 Royal Horticultural Society of England. Lilieum Macklinae Sealy is the botanical name of Shirui Lily named after his wife Jean Macklin.

Quick Snippets

– Shirui lily plant heights between 1 to 3 ft
– Blooms upto 7 flowers per plant
– The species belongs to the liliane family
– Seven small rivers originates from this peak
– It snows in Shirui Kangshong during winter
– Located at a height of 2,835 meters above sea level

The native Tangkhul ancestors, for ages revered this Shirui Kashong peak as a sacred mountain. It is their belief that all the dead souls passes through these mountain ranges towards the land of the dead.


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