This Shillong Bike lover turns old Models into new Beauties

Arhunki Laloo is an avid bike enthusiast from Shillong, who comes from a family background of doctors. Not only a passionate rider, but also loves modifying bullets. The 33-year-old is busy exploring what most folks in his hometown won’t dare to touch or even think about it.

Once he’s saved enough money for his dream machine, he started modifying it bit by bit till it is what he’s had in mind. He says it has been his passion since childhood that drives him into customizing two-wheelers and re-arrange an enviable collection of motorbikes.

“I have always admired modified bikes, cars and any machine which moves on wheels. However, being a student with a limited budget, couldn’t afford one until 2012. My first bike was a Royal Enfield Desert Storm Classic,” he grins.

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A year after that, he started customizing on his first bike nicknamed “Rudra”, with a blueprint on how to mod it. Once it was done. A few months later, he got another project for customizing a friend’s Thunderbird 500. Then soon enough, offers started flowing at him for modifying their bulls too.

About the vine of his secrets, “Even before owning a bike, I’d already have made blueprints on how to go about the modifications. Out of the many choices, I chose the Classic Desert Storm, as it was much easier for me to test my zeal of customizing it.” he added.

(His modified bike "Rudra" was named after a Death Metal band with the same name, which literally means the god of thunder and lightning in Hinduism)

(His modified bike “Rudra” was named after a Death Metal band with the same name, which literally means the god of thunder and lightning in Hinduism)

“I didn’t want to have a copy of any customized bike, not even of Rajputana Motorcycles that I really admired. Once I had even thought to get my bike pimped by them but could not due to financial constraint. So I decided to give it a try with my own style. That the look must be unique and to stand out amongst the rest”.

Disclosing the technical features of his first customized bike, “I changed the front rim and tyre with a thicker rim and tyre (140/90/15”) with chocolate grip. Then for stronger braking, I fitted two disk brakes. In addition, for extra room to keep tools and miscellaneous items, I fitted the First Aid box and another toolbox for tools and cloth for cleaning”.

(A customized Thunderbird 500 by Arhunki Laloo recently)

(A customized Thunderbird 500 by Arhunki Laloo recently)

Next, he fitted a bigger petrol tank (to store extra fuel for long rides) and a tank-bag grill for preventing scratches and give the bike a better look as well.

“I converted my bike into a single seater, no wonder why people call it a ‘Selfish Bike’. Never mind, though. On a serious note, I bought another seat and got it altered lower but it doesn’t compromise on the comfort level,” he added more.

Then came the idea for a back-rest that would make his bike even look a little more cooler and bigger, with a 15” rim . He got his rear mudguard welded to make the shape as per the tyre size. Then he fitted the old model Mahindra Jeep’s tail lamp including a Maruti car’s rear windshield tail lamp. And the Enticer footrest which he has just added recently.

(Another customized Thunderbird 500 bullet by Arhunki Laloo)

(Another customized Thunderbird 500 bullet by Arhunki Laloo)

It not only gave an extra good look but also comfort. Now he can cramp his legs during long rides. As for the paint job, he retained the desert storm colour in combination with Matt Black. He decided to replace every chrome look with Black, that included the rims, handle bar, engine casing, shock absorber and everything that is shiny.

“At first, my friends disliked the idea of painting the chrome parts with matt black. But I went ahead with my plan and got it done. When the bike finally came out of the paint room, they were awe-struck and astonished with the result. They really admired it. I’ve never felt this good so far,” while disclosing his satisfied experience.

Arhunki Laloo is also an active member of a biker’s group called Royal Enfield Riders’ Association of Meghalaya (RERAM) and off late he’s been going on solo rides as well.


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