Rock Music Manipur Vol. 1 released in Manipur

Rock Music Manipur Vol. 1 was released on March 9 at Young Pioneer Organization (YPO), Yaiskul, Imphal. The compilation album featured 25 bands and artists.  The project is part of an initiative by the Rock Music Manipur (RMM), a community of rock musicians and enthusiasts formed some few years ago. The first ever rock music compilation album of the state has 37 tracks  belonging to multiple genres.

A lot of local musicians in Manipur were quite vocal in the support for the compilation. The noted folk singer Guru Rewben Mashangva (who just won National Tribal Award this year) gave a short speech about the efforts of the initiative and said some appreciative words about Rock Music Manipur’s efforts “It’s hard to compose, record and release an album. It also takes lots of money to record an album. I thank RMM and the music lovers for making this compilation a reality”.

The idea behind RMM Vol. 1 is to help local musicians and their songs reached a wider audience. Some songs in the album talks about the  various situations in Manipur – be it law and order or moral values. The album hope to carve a common platform to share and act as a social force of consciousness and change. All the proceed made from the sales of the record will be equally shared by all the participating bands/artists.

The event also saw band members from Kradle O’ Beats, Scribble Link Purgatory, Chem Weed FM, Cleave, Deeparaj Oinam, Uttam Haobam, Fringes, Dead Mobster, Wild Flower, White Fire, Yuthak Wah, Sandrembee, etc.

Album art cover

Track listing of ROCK MUSIC MANIPUR Vol.1

  1. ‘Koubru’ – Sandrembee
  2. ‘Philava (Princess Of The Mountain)’ – Guru Rewben Mashangva
  3. ‘Gone Forever’ – A4apple
  4. ‘In The Fight’ – Imphal Talkies
  5. ’7 Years Devastation’ – Cleave
  6. ‘Land Of The Free’ – Fringes
  7. ‘Killers Don’t Cry’ – Dead Mobster
  8. ‘Singju Kanghou’ – Eastern Dark
  9. ‘Take Me Back To Yesterday’ – Kradle O’Beats
  10. ‘Till Death Do Us Apart’ – White Fire
  11. ‘Freakonomy’ – Yuthak Wah
  12. ‘Maibi Jagoi’ – Deeparaj Oinam
  13. ‘Stop The Killing’ – Vivek Sharma
  14. ‘Demon’s Nightmare’ – Chem Weed FM
  15. ‘We Shall Overcome’ – Hari Oinam
  16. ‘Washak’ – Uttam Haobam
  17. ‘Memories Of Sunder Griha’ – Dinesh Khundrakpam
  18. ‘The Last Stand’ – Scribble Link Purgatory
  19. ‘Ocean Of Love’ – Cygnus
  20. ‘Coming Home’ – Redolent
  21. ‘Seven Swordsmen’ – Dark Reign
  22. ‘Nungcb’ – Wild Flower
  23. ‘Ougri’ – Yuthak Wah
  24. ‘Plague’ – Sandrembee
  25. ‘Waiting’ – Kradle O’Beats
  26. ‘Haiyu’ – White Fire
  27. ‘Ride To Destiny’ – Vivek Sharma
  28. Princess Of Arabia’ – Cleave
  29. ‘The Retiring Rebel’ – Dark Reign
  30. ‘All Here Is Fallen’ – A4apple
  31. ‘Lament Of The Wall’ – Poireinganba Thangjam
  32. ‘Free’ – Redolent
  33. ‘Ishola’ – Guru Rewben Mashangva
  34. ‘Bobok Na Hai’ – Eastern Dark
  35. ‘Mamagi Macha’ – Imphal Talkies

Bonus tracks:

  1. ‘Woman’ – Phynyx (recorded in 1996)
  2. ‘Soar High’ – Post Mark (recorded sometime in late 1980?s – early 1990?s)


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