With Nilu Yuleena Thapa: The Fashion Stylist

Be bestowed to bookmark this one-year-old personal blog BIG hair LOUD mouth launched by the Bangalore-based fashion blogger Nilu Yuleena Thapa, who also work a regular job as Campaign Manager with Yahoo! Inc., and keep coming back when you’ve got five minutes to kill. This is one amazing fashion blog you can’t afford to miss it.

This 25-year-old fashionista has the perfect cure to a dragging afternoon in the looking good style and it couldn’t be anymore amazing to get closer to know her flawless awesomeness that is completely encapsulated with fashion inspiration, ideas and tips.

She’s a regular tweeter and a great conversationalist too. Her theory of running a good fashion blog means a general openness to creativity and self-expression – a great style can last for decades, not months. This BHLM blog truly supplies it.

From having worked as Kazo and Elle ambassadors to becoming the publisher for Shopbop. This certified Bharatnatyam dancer is now going to grace as Hidesign ambassador starting next month.

Every day we are fascinated by one person. Today it is Nilu Yuleena Thapa. In honor of this exciting discovery, I did an interview with her. Enjoy!

Hello Nilu, please share something about yourself to our readers?

Breaking the usual monotony of the serious interview, I’d like to describe myself as dreamy, dramatic, and impulsive and a lipstick lover (smiles). I like all things colorful, printed, chic and preppy and when I want something done, I don’t believe in wasting time to give a second thought to it, and that’s what leads me to write and post at BIG hair LOUD mouth.

I come from Kalimpong, West Bengal and I was educated at St.Joseph’s Convent and Dr. Graham’s Homes in Kalimpong. Later on I got my Electrical & Electronics Engineering degree from Reva Institute of Technology and Management in Bangalore.

It’s a rare opportunity to see folks with engineering background taking up fashion styling, what’s your secret formula?

If you are happy wondering what is the connection between Engineering and Fashion styling. Let me tell you this, I decided to wear Geek glasses for fashion. Well I still have my geek glasses at my work table in Yahoo! though 🙂

nilu thapa

What inspired you to launch When did it go online?

Well, we all love fashion and dressing up, or else clothing companies wouldn’t have flourished now, wouldn’t it? (Smiles). Humour aside, I just decided to document my sense of style with any available clothes that is still in trend.

I thought since we have the amenities to do that, like make a website, a Facebook page in the snap of a finger then why waste a great opportunity to just go ahead and let the world know your take on fashion?

I still remember when I founded BHLM, I was reading a magazine and the current trend then on the rampwalk was this full blown wavy hair and bold lips. I thought I connected to it, since I had very long wavy hair and I love hair styling (BIG hair) and I always wear my favorite red lipstick (LOUD mouth) and hence BIG hair LOUD mouth was born towards the end of July 2012.

How was your experience as a blogger so far?

I cannot tell you how much joy I get from styling and tuning it into a chic blog. Getting feedbacks from people who genuinely enjoy the posts is all the motivation I need to get me going and try to make every posts better than the previous ones.

Who is your favorite fashion bloggers or stylists?

I love street styles. I take inspiration from street stylists around the globe and also from other bloggers like Atlantic Pacific, Gary Pepper, Hallie Daily and many more! I just love their amazing sense of style!

I take inspiration from Indian designers too, for their love for patterns and colors and accessories.

One fashion designer you like from the Northeast?

 I love accessories, I’m a big fan on Mawi and I’m crazy over her designs!

Is your blog site a solo project or team?

I started BIG hair LOUD mouth alone initially and then my closest friends started helping me with my photos and other tech support.

Today we call ourselves Team B.H.L.M. but they prefer me not to mention their names. BHLM site would be impossible to maintain without each individual passion and contribution. I usually monitor and maintain the page traffic, stats, collaboration, and promotion alone but it will be impossible for me if it weren’t for those helping hands behind who are always pushing me to give my best!

What next from here?

At the moment, I want to understand what my blog readers actually like to see me style next so that I can cater to their needs and let people know BIG hair LOUD mouth is the perfect destination for fashion lovers and it is just going to get so much louder mouth 🙂

Get to know a lot more about her blog. Browse, Share and Connect with BIG hair LOUD mouth on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.

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