Nenghoilhing Hangsing wins Miss Nagaland 2015 Title

(Picture: Morung Express)

Nenghoilhing Hangsing won the Nagaland beauty pageant Wednesday night after promptly replying in the interview rounds that her growing up as child in a broken home has taught herself much about life and how she wish to become a responsible role model for younger generation.

The latest edition of the annual state level beauty contest organised by Beauty & Aesthetic Society of Nagaland (BASN) was held at RCEMPA Jotsoma, as part of the ongoing Hornbill Festival 2015.

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Hangsing defeated Alica Zhimomi, who took second, and Yangerjungla Pongen, who finished third among the selected 7 finalists declared from the winners of district pageant rounds.

List of sub-title winners:

Shanchobeni Y. Jungio (Miss Talent)
Yangerjungla Pongen (Miss Perfect 10)
Nenghoilhing Hangsing (Miss Photogenic)
Zehovire Avi Kechu (Queen of Hearts)

The newly-crowned Miss Nagaland is expected to spend her title reign on a statewide speaking tour and raising awareness campaign among the adolescents.

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