Nagaland Villagers blocked NH-2 to demand Doctors on Duty

As the global coronavirus pandemic worsens by the day, fear is swelling in Nagaland amid a dramatic nationwide lockdown and the news of one confirmed case of COVID-19 positive patient been diagnosed in their neighboring Manipur a day ago.

The residents from Khuzama village in Nagaland had cut-off the lifeline of Manipur today. They have blocked the National Highway 2 with a pile of stones and grade soil using Earth-moving machinery.

According to sources, the Angami villagers inhabiting in the southern region of the state that connect Manipur via the border town of Mao-Gate, are said to be demanding doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers as precautions to tackle any eruption of the deadly virus in their area.

At the time of reporting this update, government officials from Manipur along with their Nagaland counterparts are in talks with the agitating villagers and working out to meet their demands amicably.

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