Nagaland Ranked Top Safest State for Women in India

A study released by the National Crime Records Bureau has raised the map of Nagaland as the safest state for women in the country.

It mentioned that there has been 67 cases of crime against women in 2014. Taking the female population ratio into consideration, the rate of total cognizable crimes against women in the state, is as low as 6%, making the “land of festivals” the only Indian state with a single digit mark in this regard.

Indian Union Territories like Lakshadweep, Puducherry, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, and Daman & Diu, and the large state of Tamil Nadu is also among the safest places for women in the country. While states like Delhi, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh is red-flagged as the most prone to crime against women, says

On the eve of Independence Day, Home Minister Rajnath Singh wrote in a special government newsletter that his ministry is launching an online initiative called Crimes and Criminals Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS), a portal similar to National Sex Offender Public Website of the US government, where public can easily access the names of sex offenders and others charge sheeted for crimes against women anywhere in the country.

Information on human trafficking, missing persons and accessing legal services would be included in this initiative too.

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The death following a brutal gang rape and assault of a 23-year-old paramedical student in India’s capital Delhi in 2012 has put an alarming vigilant on crimes against women in the country.

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