Lesly Lobeni and her Lazymanxcat: Interview

This is the first time I’m going to be doing an interview.  So I decided to start with a blogger whom I’ve known since the high school days.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please meet my friend Lesly Lobeni, a young fashion blogger from Nagaland. She is a genuinely good person who loves cats and pandas and loves writing about “relativity to daily life as it is something more realistic. Fashion just gets interwoven in the course of one particular day” on her personal blog

Yanam Wahge: Tell us a bit about yourself and your city?

Lesly Lobeni: Tight-lipped and reserved, wildly passionate about things that I love and cannot go a day without worrying and panicking about random things.

Although I am from Dimapur, I never grew up there. I was in boarding school since the 4th grade and then I came to Delhi for college and now it has become a second home for me.

Many might disagree but Dimapur for me is all about peace and quiet! I don’t enjoy going out much when I’m home in Nagaland. So for me it’s always all about home, family and my personal space. Delhi on the other hand is more about work and I have an ongoing love-hate relationship with the city!

Yanam Wahge: What do you love about your city? And how would you describe the fashion scene there?
Lesly: I’ll always love Dimapur for my family. The major parts of my life wasn’t there so it has and will always been about home. The fashion scene is eclectic and very street. I love how people in Dimapur catch on to all the latest trends on and off the runway and incorporate it rather well to their own style.

I love Delhi because of its craziness! It’s a mad city where there’s barely a moment of peace and I like that. The regular haggles with auto-drivers almost every day. It’s a pain but it has become part of my Delhi’s routine of life. Delhi is stylish! From the rich and designer carrying fashionistas to the bargain-loving, street style icon, there is such diversity.

Lesly Loben with her candid toys posing for Vogue Magazine last year. Photo by
Lesly Loben with her candid toys posing for Vogue Magazine last year. Photo by

Yanam: How did your “Fashionable” journey begin?
Lesly: As surprising as a rabbit popping out of a magician’s hat! It was all just about writing for me. The content part of fashion was the only thing I was interested in at the beginning to be honest and then I thought ‘hey. Maybe dressing up ain’t so bad either eh?’

Yanam: What inspires you?
Lesly: Everything is an inspiration. You just need something to evoke an emotion. Creativity needs inspiration and that inspiration is born out of an emotion.

Last week, I was in my usual panic mode and so I turned to a few of my old books to re-read some old passages. I think it was Ishiguro’s short stories. One of them was about Italy. My mind was then diverted to the fashion blogger Gary Pepper Vintage and her instagram pictures of Italy where she posted these lovely pictures and all I could think was about this one in particular: her holding flowers, overlooking an Italian city scene. I was going out in a bit and then I bought some flowers for myself to calm me down and started to take some pictures of them too.

Now, I have this idea to do a flower series photo project for my blog and instagram. My mind works in a series of ways and if you look closely, an inspiration is never far away.

Yanam: The first thing you look for in another person’s outfit is? 
Lesly: I think colour. My mind is very receptive to anything visual and dramatic so I am very drawn to colour. Whether it works or not is of course, a whole different matter!

Yanam: What is the most underrated item in menswear /womenswear?
Lesly: I am not sure if it’ll pass as an item but the belt buckle for menswear. As for women, I’d say nothing! We don’t allow anything to be underrated!

Yanam: How do you stay up to date with fashion?
Lesly: I’ve actually stopped trying!! It’s too fast and sometimes too vague and audacious. I don’t buy fashion magazines or spend all my free hours on fashion blogs. Time to time, I check twitter and click on the interesting links or read the headline but that’s about it. So I guess, twitter would be my answer??  The most important part of fashion that many of us forget is that it’s personal. It’s become so wildly public and so commercial, we’re always thinking about dressing up for pictures or what others will think about our outfit.  After a few years of being in that mind frame, I think I like to stay away from all that.

Lesly Loben. Photo by  Shibani Dutta
Lesly Loben swings chic-chic fashion secrets in her personal blogging site . Photos by Shibani Dutta

Yanam: What is your most cherished item?
Lesly: An impossible question! There is too much on that list! My books, my dad and mom’s passed down items, a pair of earrings gifted by a friend’s mom, a very special secret Santa watch… its endless!

Yanam: A fashion rule you would love to break...?
Lesly: Unfortunately, it’s all been broken for me to do anything ‘ground-breaking’ !

Yanam: Your favorite Designer from the North-East region (if any)?
Lesly: Atsu, Atsu, Atsu! Clean, minimal, chic and he’s so sweet and got so much swag.

Yanam: We have 10 hypothetical hours to spend in Nagaland. Where do you suggest we go?
Lesly: Worse person to ask and I will give you the most boring answer: Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the nature. It’s beautiful and if you can make your way and take a drive towards the interiors, you may even see some Cherry Blossoms in bloom!

Yanam: What trends do you love most this season?
Lesly: I am going to give you my personal trend analysis: Anything Grey! Loads of layering, blazers [a must for every fall/winter], metallics and of course, leather.

Yanam: What would you say to someone seeking general fashion advice?
Lesly: Above all else, always know your measurements and size.

Yanam: Thank you so much Lesly for sharing your time with and good luck with your future endeavors.


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