Konyak Tribal Chief house lies in Two Countries

The Angh’s (king) house of Longwa village in Mon district, Nagaland lies between two countries.  Apparently he eats breakfast/dinner in Myanmar and goes to bed in India.

The mid-beam of the house runs parallel to Indo-Myanmar international boundary line, meaning half the house is on Indian side and the other equal half is on Myanmar soil. Longwa village is inhabited by Konyak Nagas. Although it straddles the international boundary line, the whole village is controlled by the Angh (Chief), there is a chief Angh and seven Angh’s in a village and the village Council Chairman.

The Angh (hereditary chief) of the village has 60 wives and his jurisdiction extends up to Myanmar and Arunachal Pradesh. There are four rivers running from the village, two rivers run into the Indian side called Tegi and Tapi and the other two to Myanmar called Tejak and Shumnyu. The villagers have dual citizenships. You’ll be surprised to see both the Indian and Myanmese school in this village.

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