Kitchen of Korea, the first Korean restaurant opens in Shillong

(Picture: Kitchen of Korea)

After the successful invasion of Korean films & dramas, K-Pop, Fashion, Korean electronic gadgets and cars in the North East region. Now the latest Hallyu (Korean Wave) entering the region seems to be the taste of Korean cuisines.

Kitchen of Korea, the first Korean restaurant in the Northeast was launched in the picturesque and buzzing town of Shillong last month. The food joint is located next to St. Edmund’s College, Laitumkhrah.

Food enthusiast and proprietor Wabang Chungtia has done exceptionally well in establishing a restaurant that offers his customers the feel of Korea, right from the decor, food and the exotic ambience.

What’s topping on their menu

  • Dak Galbi Gui
  • Kim Bap with Veg, Chicken and Pork options
  • Kimchi Chigae with rice
  • Japchae Noodles (also known as glass noodles)
  • Korean Ginseng Tea

The restaurant has dinning options to either sit on the normal tables or take-off shoes and sit on the cushions on the floor and eat the food on a low table in tradition Korean style.

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