Jessica Bamon – Northeast’s First Lady Bouncer and her Courageous Story

Breaking the societal norms and stereotypes, few women from Northeastern region of India have started following their career choice to a certain level of unique professionalism that most won’t dare or have dreamt about.

Meet the iron lady with an iron fist, Jessica Bamo, a native of Shillong, whose inspirational story is waving around the internet and social media circuit this past week. She took her first job assignment as a bouncer at a nightclub in downtown Shillong and then later grabbed hold of another offer at Cloud 9, a popular nightclub when the late nightclubbing scene was still a new trend in the Pine city.

Her recruitment was initially layout to prevent fights that often bursts up among the young pub goers, with a strategic well-notion in mind that these troublemakers won’t dare to raise their hands on a lady bouncer and whoever tries to misbehave with girls has to deal with Bamo’s unforgiving conduct.

“Within few months of her joining things started changing. She could bring a sense of discipline among the once rowdy youngsters”, quoted What inspired for her to be a bouncer and bodybuilder is the belief that women should stand up for their own safety.

(Lady bouncer and bodybuilder Jessica Bamon. Photo by

The 2017 Miss Fitness Contest runners-up completed her school education from St. Mary’s High School and later studied at Sankardev College, Shillong. She is also fond of playing cricket, football and basketball.


Jessica Bamon – Northeast’s First Lady Bouncer and her Courageous Story
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