Instant Online checker for cash availability in nearby ATMs across India – And it really did worked!

If you’re struggling to find an ATM with cash near you. Don’t panic, here’s an awesome online tool to help you and rescue your valuable time of waiting for hours in long queue to fetch out money from the machine. provides information about functioning ATM nearby your area with details like Cash, No Cash and Wait with real-time status. The location-based cash tracking app helps cash-strapped users to find ATMs, Banks and Post Offices across India.

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The app was launched by two Bangalore-based tech entrepreneurs Manjunath Talwar and Abhijit Kansas recently after the announcement of demonetisation campaign launched by the government. They were also co-founders of Hiree, an online recruitment platform which has been acquired by Quikr.

“Within 24 hours since its launch, our platform received an overwhelming response and traffic that crashed the site twice. More than 8,000 locations have been updated so far,” co-founder Manjunath Talwar told Bloomberg Quint.

It’s simple and easy to use. Just enter your current location pin-code and the app will list out all the available ATM locations and wait time.

PLEASE NOTE: Out of three times, while trying to locate functioning ATMs in South Delhi with, it worked for me twice. So this post is partially based on my personal experience that I had using the app.

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