Five things Best Employers Do for their Employees

Having happy employees is the only way to improve the office atmosphere or increase your ratings on Glassdoor. Even studies have proved that those employees who feel happy at their workplace will be more satisfied and stay in the company for a longer duration than those who consider their work only as a job.

It is on the basis of these rewards and benefits which decide why one company is adjudged as the best company. So as an employer, it is necessary for you to understand what are those things which you can do for your employees to have a conducive atmosphere at the workplace –

1. Let them work remotely –  We are living in that era where connectivity is at ease, thanks to technologies like Skype even when you are not in the same room. If your employees are still following the traditional clock of 9-5 office model, it is the high time to shake things up. It has been seen that good candidates always value the flexibility that they get at the workplace. You should care only about the work and not when and how they are doing unless your employees are meeting the deadlines.

2. Give priority to their health –  Only a healthy mind can have good and productive thoughts, so when your employees are working diligently towards the company, it is time for you to take care of their health. In addition to adopting various measures, like organizing a medical camp, giving yoga or aerobics session, offering discounts on gym membership, etc.; you should also offer group health insurance to your employees.

In today’s time, the medical cost has reached a new height. In fact, one visit to the doctor for ailments, like a cold or a cough is enough to burn a hole in the pocket; the situation is worse in the case of critical ailments like cancer, heart attack, etc. Moreover, if your employee is the breadwinner of the family, it would cause financial stress also if the earning capacity is also affected.

So, it would be good to extend your support by offering group health insurance, which promises to cover hospitalization expenses so that one can concentrate more on medical treatment rather than expenses.

A group health insurance policy offers two types of treatment –  Cashless and reimbursement. In the case of cashless, if the treatment takes place in network hospitals, the entire medical expenses will be settled between the insurer and the hospital and the employee will not require paying anything. In the case of reimbursement, an employee can pay the medical expenses and later approached the insurer for reimbursement.

Further, when you offer group health insurance, premiums paid by you will be treated as business expenses and are eligible for tax benefits.

3. Offer personal and professional development chances –  Employees enjoy their stint at the company if they feel that their efforts are being appreciated. On the basis of their skills and interests, an employer can suggest some courses to employees for their further career advancement. Then every quarter, you can review to know where your employees stand in terms of their overall development, i.e., personal and professional.

4. Embrace autonomy –  No one likes to have such a person around them who only breathes them down. Remember, when you decided to hire them, you believe that they are good for your job and will fit with your company’s culture. So, once you have hired them, allow them to take charge of their role. Of course, you should always be there to help them, however, stay away from interference. Stepping back is a great way to show that you trust their potential.

5. Focus on family –  Many good companies like Facebook offer fantastic perks for parents and to-be parents. Along with impressive paternity & maternity leaves, companies also reimburse day care expenses, cash on the birth of the baby, paid leaves to attend children’s school activities, etc. If you are offering group health insurance, you can start offering maternity benefits as well. It will help in dealing the maternity costs, which in today can go in lakh if it is a cesarean delivery.

An employee satisfaction is imperative for the company’s growth. The good news is that you don’t need to offer an impressive salary to keep them growing. In fact, the perks offered over and above the salary are valued more, and therefore, as per your business requirement, create an employee welfare program and include all the above perks. Remember, “When your employees are happy, they are your very best ambassadors.”  – James Sinegal

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