Digboi Centenary Museum in Assam

Opened in early 2002, Digboi Centenary Museum was established by Assam Oil Company, a division of Indian Oil to commemorate the historic centennial celebrations of the first oil refinery in India at Digboi, Assam.

This museum with an array of old and preserved machinery is situated behind the oil refinery “Discovery Well”, the first commercial crude oil well in India, founded in 1889.

It showcases the scene of birth and a long journey of oil exploration in Asia and particularly, the Digboi Town. The exhibited items include vintage oil machinery and pumps, power stations, refinery, archived materials, scale-models, memorabilia, precious letters and exclusive photographs, with stories on how Digboi put a mark on the world map.

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Digboi Centenary Museum is the first of its kind in India. A little 10 minutes walk from the museum also lies the famous Digboi War Cemetery, a World War II (1939-45) graveyard.

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