Three British Teens wrote a song “Mizoram” and It Instantly became a Hit – Watch

Beautiful as fresh sunrise, and so vibrant as it sound. This catchy country-pop tune can easily cheer up your lazy Sunday afternoons. The song was initially written just as a small side project that soon turns out to become the latest trending anthem of Mizoram.

The trio act Zo Saps – consisting of Jess Oughton, Elizabeth Starr, and Susie Greenhalgh wrote the song “Mizoram” as a tribute to Dr. KL Biakchungnunga, who was the principal of Baptist Higher Secondary School (BHSS), located at the foothill of Serkawn in Lunglei, a small town in south Mizoram.

After finishing their high school, the Zo Saps came to Mizoram as volunteers of a youth orientation program by Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) in early 2016. They were initially supposed to be deployed to Bangladesh. However, due to tensions in that country, they were sent to Mizoram instead.

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“Each year, a group of volunteers from the United Kingdom visits our state and spend their 6 months academic break doing charity work here in schools, orphanages, and other social activities,” explains Lallawmsiama, who belong to the same church denomination where they Zo Saps worked.

These volunteers were locally known as Zo Saps, which literally derives from the Hindi word “Sahib/Saab (Sir)”. During the British Raj, the Mizo natives once overheard porters from mainland India addressing their British employers as Saab/Sahib. That’s how the Mizo term for white foreigners came to be known as.

“Today, any white foreign Christian missionaries are commonly called Zo Saps by the natives here,” he further added. The single was recorded at Hannah Studio, Lunglei and the music video was shot at various locations in Mizoram.

Check out the song “Mizoram” below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!



Three British Teens wrote a song “Mizoram” and It Instantly became a Hit – Watch
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