Bluedart Courier Caught Indulging in Cover-up Plot

Have you ever heard of any courier service in India that send out for delivery as early in the morning at 8:18 AM? What would be your first reaction upon reading this encrypted description? Too sci-fiction to be thinking or might be just another great story of conspiracy plot that ended up actually getting caught.

Well, at least the employees at India’s leading courier company BlueDart weren’t thinking about it when they have documented about my shipment on their online delivery tracking status dated August 28.

Bluedart_courier(PHOTO: A screenshot of my BlueDart Tracking Details showing the send out for delivery timing as 08:18 AM dated August 28)

Again, their other annoying excuse that literally shocked me de facto is “No Such Consignee At the Given Address” been marked on the same, which is totally flimsy and distorted verdict. As far I know, me and my room mates have been staying here in the said address for the past 7 years now.

Here’s my voter card (TZD1717767) as residential proof.

Voter card_Northeast People_Delhi(PHOTO: Delhi government issued Voter Identity Card bearing my residential address)

The Story Behind

On August 22, I ordered for business cards via the online printing platform VistaPrint. Little did I know was that the Netherlands based company with its Indian office in Mumbai engages the service of BlueDart for product delivery just like most other e-commerce sites, and three days later, I got an SMS alert from BlueDart informing that my shipment has been dispatched on August 24.

So the next day and the following, I arranged to be home all day since I was urgently in need of the business cards for my work.  As no delivery came on that first day, I went online to track the shipment in the evening; it said “No Such Consignee At the Given Address”.

Right there and then, I’ve emailed to them explaining that my address is correct and their delivery man didn’t even knock at the door, nor he/she has attempted to verify it by making a phone call to me.

Absolutely no such courtesy was made from the company’s end.

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The only thing they did was just keep updating the same status disclaimer everyday without trying to reach me on the phone or reply me back via email. I have sent a second email too, but to no avail.

It is not in my best intention to scrape this issue into public domain, but let this be a positive reminder call, for this is not the first time that I have had experience with their awful handlings of delivery services.

Last year too, my cousin Teresa Kanga, who lives in Luton Bedfordshire (UK) send home a parcel through the same Bluedart courier that took almost 3 months to get it delivered. Of course, after those hassles of many emails and calls were made. This was then Waybill No.50301529062 (though not listed in the site anymore).

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]What had really fussed me this time is why they give more importance to documenting flaw details on their tracking site, rather than doing their job of delivering the products they were hired and paid for.[/notice]

On the contrast, the Merchant (Vistaprint) have replied back saying that the matter is now escalated to BlueDart’s relations manager.  It’s been 4 days in a row since they have first phoned me to check if I have receive the delivery. So prudent of them, not many e-commerce sites does it.

Still no civility sign of BlueDart, a subsidiary of DHL Express. Probably as usual, they are busy updating their shipment tracking site with wrong details for their next victims.

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