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Bagurumba Dance of the Bodos

Bagurumba dance is an important folk dance of Assam, India performed by the Bodo tribals. It is usually danced during Bwisagu, a festival of the Bodos in the Bishuba Sankranti or Mid-April. Bagurumba dance is instituted just after the  paddy plantation. This dance does much to relieve the Bodos from their pain and stresses after the hard work at fields.

The Bagurumba dance is also called “butterfly dance”, resembles the movement of birds and butterflies.

It is the most graceful and captivating dance of the Bodos. Full of rhythm and vivacity, dancers hop and swing, bend and unbend, with the impression of fluttering butterflies. This is mainly a formation dance performed with slow steps and outstretched hands. It is basically a female-oriented dance.  A group of young girls dressed in their most colourful traditional attires like Dokhna, Jwmgra and Aronai costumes.

The dance is also accompanied by musical instruments such as Serja (a violin-like instrument), Siphung (a long bamboo flute), Tharkha (a piece of split bamboo), Kham/madal (a long drum made of wood and goatskin) and Khawang (a pair of round metallic plates).

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