Assamese Thali

A traditional Assamese Thali (meal) begins with a Khar and ends with a Tenga (sour dish). Assamese platters are usually served in typical bowls. The traditional Assamese plate is made up of an alloy metal called Kaa(n)h in assamese.

Here’s the list of various dishes consisting in a typical Assamese Thali:

1) Steamed rice (Bhaat)
2) Red lentils cooked with colocasia (Kasu dia Daal)
3) Chicken fry (Mandxor Jol)
4) Fish curry, normally sour (Mas Bilahir Tenga)
5) Small fish fry (Horu mas Bhaja)
6) Green vegetable salad
7) Brinjal fry (Bengena)
8) Gourd cooked with Potatoes (Potol Aru Alu Bhaji)
9) Pickle (Asaar)
10) Mashed potatoes (Aloo Pitika)

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