This Arunachalee Dental Surgeon makes amazing lifelike sculptures & clay busts

In the city of Guwahati, a self-taught sculptor spends most of his leisure time doing what he loved the best, craving up startlingly lifelike figures made out of clay.

Dr. Bahom Kaling Darang, who is also a dentist by profession, is creating an impressive buzz among the art lovers community in the region. His latest artistic work “Apatani (Tanw) Lady” depicts the fading lifestyle of the traditional Apatani nose plugs, worn by most of the elder women in the tribe.

Since time immemorial, the Apatani women are famous for their bizarre nose plugs and tattoed faces. The nose plug was born as a way of protecting the women from getting kidnapped by other tribes in olden days. So they make themselves unattractive by wearing these hideous nose plugs and tattooing their faces to turn off any raider in search of beautiful women to have his way with.

Born and brought up in Pasighat, a small town in Arunachal Pradesh. He started his journey of creativity and harnessing his own endurance at a young age. His father Tayon Darang is a retired bureaucrat and former Deputy Commissioner (DC) in the state.

(Dr. Bahom Kaling Darang, a self-taught sculptor and dentist. Photo: Facebook)

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(His newest creation “Apatani Lady” depicts her tribal perseverance through sculpture)

A dental surgeon by profession and a self-taught artist by passion, Dr. Bahom Kaling Darang exhibited his clay sculptures on Sattriya dance in 2015, which won him positive critics from art lovers. Since then, he has been making the possibility to bend and sculpt clay into any shape imaginable.


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