About us

We love the internet as much as we love Northeast India. And this is the world we best know.

Launched in November 2012, three years of blogging have fruit us with this giant opportunity to proudly admit that we have helped unlock the pandora’s box to India’s unexplored paradise known as NorthEast, a region with so much to be discovered and understood.

Wings of chronicle

Our portal’s first ever interview was with Armstrong Pamei covering his people’s road campaign, published on December 8, 2012, which also alluded the attention of Facebook officials, who then rushed down their team to Manipur and ended up filming a documentary about his noble work via our contact. Read what Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg had to share on her timeline update apropos too.

In 2013, we flew down the Korean rock band Biuret to inaugurate the 1st annual Hornbill International Music Festival.

India’s top portals including Yahoo! and Indiatimes have also credited our work as their content source.

For Yahoo! article, read here.
For Indiatimes article, read here.

We were the first news portal to have penned an article about Ramina Haorokcham’s fresh start-up Gojilove back in April 2015, when still in its initial stage, and venturing into an industry in a country like India where talking openly about sex and sexuality is considered a taboo, and her e-commerce site selling intimate items was quite a daring step. 

Today, this fiery lady entrepreneur from Manipur is featured in BBC’s Top 100 Women of 2015.

K-pop (known as Korean Pop) music is growing massive across India today. Thanks to our efforts for being instrumental in popularising the genre here in the country. In Association with Korean Cultural Centre India (Embassy of the Republic of Korea), we have organised the Indian auditions of the annual K-Pop International Festival that saw thousands of K-pop fans participating the talent hunt.

How we started

No stories is too small or large. We started from a very humble beginning fueled with a hope and few donation by well-wishers to help us buy the domain and server hosting space. Since then, this portal has been bridging the gap between the reality of this wonderous region and the general perception of the world at large.

Why we connect

The region has so much to share with the world – like it’s rich culture, unique tourist destinations, abundance of talent, it’s people and their lifestyle.

Everyday there is so much happening back home, and we have seen an explosive growth in inquires seeking information on Tourism, cultures, festivals and logistics of travel etc. But sadly, no online magazine or website has come forward to provide a comprehensive and authentic coverage of this region.

Like everyone else, we are also disheartened that the only news which mainstream media very often promotes about the region, is insurgency and violence, rather than promoting its rich culture, hospitality and it’s true beauty. In the process, such negative publicity has been portraying the region in a negative light and in fact, it has been turning away potential tourists and well-wishers of the region.

So the idea to launch a website to help promote the region, came up.

This is our story so far, and more still to come…

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