5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Bestie on Her Wedding Day

Everyone has a best friend, and this one person is your legit partner in crime. Your best friend is your asset and one of the most important people in your life. Maybe you guys grew up together, or you met at work, or it was the banter at a bar that got you two together. Whatever may be the reason that made you best friends, we are sure you have enough memories to last a lifetime.

Today, it is not unusual for a guy to have a female best friend, courtesy to the popular co-education system that has made the generation more open to opposite gender. Nowadays every guy has that one platonic female friend who listens to his nagging, the one who pulls his leg like no one else can, the one he can call at 2 in the morning and cry his heart out to, and the one with whom he shares an impeccable bond.

If your bestie is tying a knot (and the world thinks that you are getting friend zoned), we can understand how difficult it is for you to zero down on a gift for her wedding. However, you ought to be ready!

Here are five thoughtful gift ideas for your bestie’s wedding!

Gift Cards

Let’s face it; it is better to present her with a gift card so she can shop for herself rather than you buy it for her. Imagine, no returns, no exchanges, no tantrums and she gets to buy what she likes. If you are not convinced with the dress or a pair of shoes you are eyeing, then it makes sense to go for a traditional choice in a modern way. Shopping Gift cards are becoming incredibly popular because they can be customized. Add the amount you want to gift her and let her buy what she wants from her favorite store.

Something in Gold

No Indian wedding is complete without gold, and it is your BFF’s wedding, so you have all the reasons to go grand! Gold signifies immutability, perfection and eternity, one that your best friend deserves. Gold bangles, necklaces, and earrings make up for the perfect wedding gift. You can even go all the way and find her something weird and funky depending on your rapport with her, but simple is the way to go. If you are confused about what she would like, you can search for Simple Gold Bangle Designs from CaratLane and have it delivered to her home. She can even use the CaratLane advantage and get a lifetime exchange.

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Something with an Emotional Connect

There’s no doubt that weddings are a roller coaster of emotions and it makes sense to do your part by gifting her something she will remember forever. It can be anything, like your leather biker jacket she always wanted. The limited-edition Star Wars trivia book, or a signed Game of Thrones box set, or the musical instrument she plays; anything that has a special place for in her heart. Gifting her something she admires will show how much you really care about her.


A camera is the perfect wedding gift for your bestie! Remember all those stupid selfies with her? It is time to let her go professional. You can even annoy her and include silly photos of yourself before presenting her with the camera. Buy her a Polaroid camera and add the zing to her hipster lifestyle.


A watch is a classic choice that works every time for most occasions. Get her an expensive wristwatch that matches her taste. Take a cue from what she likes, and buy one for her everyday wear. There are endless options when buying a watch. Apart from being useful, a watch makes a strong fashion statement and makes for a picture-perfect wedding gift.

So, your best friend is about to start her new life, and it is about time to finalize on a present for her. The gifts mentioned above are best suited for your bestie, and she will remember it even if you are time-zones away.

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