Unakoti: A Historical Place in Tripura

Unakoti (meaning; one less a crore in Bengali) is home to an ancient marvelous rock cut carvings and stone imagery, belonging to 11-12th century A.D., elaborated and well maintained. This is as such an open air rock-cut art gallery, settled over the environment of extensive hill assortments, surrounded by lush green and flowering shrub, a large number of colossal figures of Hindu gods & goddesses imprinted in a 45 meter hillock.

The place is 8 Km distant from Kailashahar and 180 Km from Agartala, the capital of Tripura in the North Eastern region of India, and the state is surrounded on the North West and South by Bangladesh and on the East by Assam and Mizoram.

Quick Snippet

According to Hindu myths, when Lord Shiva was traveling to Kashi along with one crore gods and goddesses he made a night stay at this hilly location. He asked all the gods and goddesses to wake up before sun rise and continued their journey for Kashi, but in the morning, apart from Lord Shiva himself, no one else could get up so Lord Shiva set out for Kashi alone. In anger, he cursed the other gods and goddesses to become stone sculptures and abandoned there forever. As a result, we have one less than a crore stone imagery and monuments at Unakoti.

Unakoti_Tripura (Rock cut carvings and stone imagery at Unakoti. Photo: GK Dutta Photography

These wonderful rock monuments are located at a marvelously landscaped forest area with green plants all around which adds to the loveliness of the monuments, frescos with their prehistoric attractiveness, waterfalls are not to be overlooked.

How to Reach

Halt a bus/or by train from Agartala to Kumarghat on the Lumding-Agartala line and half an hour journey by road to Kailashahar

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