Axl Hazarika: The first Indian rock artist launched by VEVO

Assamese indie singer Axl Hazarika has become the first Indian rock artist to be officially launched by VEVO, an online streaming service for music videos.

His hit single music video “Hum Badal Gaye” sang in hindi for the animation film with the same title, uploaded on the world’s fastest growing music channel site on June 27, has already raked over 5,00,000 YouTube views and 2 million hits on SoundCloud.

The OST based on a friendship story between a boy and a cat, also took YouTube music charts by storm and became one of the hottest Indie rock songs released last year.


Vevo, the digital music site created by record giants Universal Music and Sony, has launched a 24-hour digital music channel in the US and Canada two months ago and hopes to recreate MTV of its generation with service for internet-connected TVs, tablets and mobiles. YouTube has bought close to 10% stake in Vevo.

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